Monday, August 26, 2013

Even More Macho Rosé: "Harri Gorri"

Domaine Brana has been covered here before; you'll find background information here.

Domaine Brana “Harri Gorri” Rosé 2012: This was produced from 70% Tannat and 30% Cabernet Franc. It is named for the red sandstone prevalent in the Basque Pyrénées Atlantiques. You know going in that there will be tannins aplenty, but that is hardly the whole story. The nose is surprisingly complex: I got notes of grapefruit pith, wintergreen, watermelon, and Earth. In the mouth, red berries and what are referred to in polite company as “unresolved” (e.g., bitter, woody) tannins. It paired beautifully with the Chef's preparation of sea scallops on a bed of corn and peppers. It's available at Table Wine, I think it's around $18, and worth every penny.

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