Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Domaine des Deux Anes

Magali and Dominique Terrier, of Domaine des Deux Anes, are “natural” winemakers based in the village of Peyriac-de-mer, about a 20-minute drive south of Narbonne. Their property is close to a national park, and sits on the Etang du Doul, a salt-water pond that eventually feeds out into the Mediterranean. They follow biodynamic principles, promoting healthy soil with composts rather than chemical fertilizers, fighting powdery mildew with seaweed extract, managing yields by pruning vigorously, and picking by hand.

While the vineyard practices are very hands-on, the winery is quite modern, using temperature controlled stainless steel vats with controls that sensitively monitor the indigenous yeast-induced fermentation. Sulphur use is kept to a minimum, and all other additives are excluded.

The Domaine des Deux Anes “Premiers Pas” Corbières 2008 is a blend of carignan and grenache, grown on red clay with limestone on vineyards that slope toward the Etang. The nose is pleasingly rustic, with notes of sweet herbs, minerals, pomegranate, and an animal aroma that is referred to at our house as “roadkill,” in a non-pejorative way. On the palate, red and blue berries, and a mingling of herbs and licorice. As we never tire of saying of wines from this area, there is richness without heaviness. No trees were harmed in the production of this wine. It matched well with ribs rubbed with five-spice powder.

The wine is imported by Jenny & Francois, who have come a very long way since 2004, when a tasting of their “natural” wines turned into a clinic on wine faults! You can learn more about Magali and Dominique Terrier here.

For a wine of limited production (1,600 cases) this seems to be widely available. We got it at Vinsite, and I think I've seen it at the Asheville Wine Market and at Table Wine.


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