Thursday, January 6, 2011

Domaine Des Soulié

It's three days after my last day at work, so what do I do? I drive out to Chapel Hill and visit 3Cups, that's what. And find the 2009 Domaine Des Soulié Cuvée Rémy there on the shelf for $8.99. This has to be one of the all-time great wine values. It is aromatic and fruity, in the appropriate Southern way, with enough acidity to provide a bit of firmness. It is absolutely delightful to drink. It is also a somewhat unusual blend: 80% cinsault, 20% syrah, which explains its rather obscure appellation: Even though the Domaine is within the geographic bounds of Saint Chinian, the preponderance of cinsault excludes it from AOC status, which requires that grenache, syrah, and mourvèdre must combine to total at least 60% of the blend. Thus, the label reads "Vin de pays des Monts de la Grage." If this seems confusing and a little nutty to you, you're not alone.

For your amusement, here's a short video of the winemaker (a little bit in English: he's with a group of Norwegians who are on a trip organized by Spaniards.) He seems like a happy guy.


michelecolline said...

Any idea who the importer is? Probably different here on the west coast...sounds like my kind of wine(and price).

The Wine Mule said...

Michele: I don't remember who brings it in, but the distributor in North Carolina is Bruno Arricastres. You can reach him at 919-260-4438.

Kevin Lynch said...

Hey Wine Mule,
Been overlong in revisiting your site. Still as great as ever. Love your taste in wine and how you gravitate toward the lesser explored appellations such as the Monts de la Garge. That area of France is really exceptional not just for wine but scenery as well. Some of the best values in Europe can be had from St. Chinian and the rest of the Languedoc-Roussillion though it seems the cat has gotten out of the bag judging by some of the new prices for wines from the area. Best of luck with your new endeavors and I look forward to your next posts.

Kevin Lynch