Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hangin' At The Usual Suspects #10

Les comes out from the back of the house and just looks at me and smiles. "I'm not even going to ask you tonight. I know what you're drinking." Back he comes with two bottles. Karl and Elaine arrive, and barely have time to get their coats off before there are glasses in front of them.

Les: You know the Puzelat wines are a negociant business; Thierry does it because he's young and energetic and his brother, who is ten years older, doesn't want to be involved. But these wines are from the actual family vineyards. The white is made from menu pineau, which hardly anybody grows. Gros pineau is also known as Chenin Blanc."

Clos du Tue-Boeuf Touraine Le Brin de Chèvre 2007:

Karl: This smells like those stollen we got in for Christmas.

Dave: Yes, fruitcake! Fruitcake and over-ripe pear, and lots of lime.

Elaine: Walnuts. I feel like just gulping this down. It's a bit oxidative. And it tastes like somebody put Vitamin C in it. It's so acidic it's burning my lips. What is Vitamin C?

Dave: It's ascorbic acid. This is like a super-limeade for grownups. No wonder we want to gulp it.

Elaine: Not an easy wine to match food with.

Dave: The ceviche is only on the menu in warm weather.

Karl: Maybe some fried calamari drizzled with lemon juice. But that's not on the menu now, either.

Dave: What it really needs is a grapefruit and chevre salad.

Elaine: (Looking at TV screen) That's Barbara Streisand. She looks like an actor.

Dave: Wow, it's "Funny Girl." Yeah, she was in the original Broadway production.

Elaine: They're all acting. They're not just smirking or looking blank.

Logan: Should I open the red now?

Dave: Yeah, I guess. Les said something about not opening it until we were ready. We're ready.

Clos du Tue-Boeuf Cheverny "La Grevotte" 2008:

Elaine: This smells like something not edible.

Karl: Like a scented candle.

Elaine: It smells like a goat's butt-hole smeared with cherry jam. I mean that as a compliment.

Dave: Acetone and lanolin. This is why my father would never eat lamb: He was fed mutton when he was in the Marine Corps; he didn't like to even smell it cooking.

Elaine: I still haven't actually tasted it. My brain keeps going 'No, wait, wait!' (She drinks) Oh, okay. Cran-Grape with nail polish.

Dave: If I hadn't been told, I would not have guessed this was pinot noir.

Elaine: Maybe it isn't. It needs air.

Karl: Gotta lift the tail.

Dave: No, this definitely is pinot noir. I'm not used to the cranberry being so front-and-center.

Elaine: It smells like a rose plant now. Not just rose aroma, the whole plant.

Karl: Only Elaine can turn a goat's butt-hole into a rose.

Elaine: This is like a Santenay…

Dave: Something from the Côte Chalonnaise? Maybe a Mercurey?

Elaine: Yes, I tasted a Mercurey from the Jenny and Francois collection; this wine reminds me of it. [Probably a Domain Derain?--Dave] There are some very specific flavors the two wines share.

The sausage/peppers/cheese/red sauce hoagies were okay, although I wished they'd used regular sweet Italian sausage and not the smoked stuff…

Then it was off to play a few rousing games of pinball.